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Property & Facility Management Software

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Property & Facility Managers are faced with multi-dimensional challenges of customer satisfaction even as they have to ensure manpower resources as well as assets like HVAC, Generators, etc are used efficiently and effectively.

It is imperative for Residential Apartment Complexes and Commercial Real Estates to leverage the benefits of a site focused software for a more Intelligent and Efficient use of resources, Better Control of operations resulting in Cost and Energy savings and improved Service levels.

AEBIS addresses the challenges that modern day Property and Facility Management operations confront. It is a web-enabled Decision Support System that encapsulates industry best practices.

AEBIS Objectives:

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

  • Handling of requests, issues & complaints.
  • Prompt redressal of complaints by monitoring SLAs.
  • Management of consumables & spares inventory and asset performance to ensure round the clock uninterrupted service.
  • Ability to offer new value added services.
  • Transparent invoicing for multiple services.

Cost Control:

  • Recording costs at granular level.
  • Variance Analysis
  • Identify man-hour effort against all requests, complaints and other activities.
  • Problem type wise costs.
  • Capture & maintain trends.

Revenue Management:

  • Detailed revenue map of estate; maintain all occupancy data.
  • Auto-escalation rules for rates & interest.
  • Invoicing for all recoverable charges.
  • Avoid leakage.

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